Passion for accounting and a love for QuickBooks software is the drive behind the entrepreneurial race from Louis Aucamp. A Professional Accountant, Tax practitioner, Certified Fraud Examiner and QuickBooks accounting software trainer. He has a unique ability to use his expertise to get the most out of QuickBooks and the people who uses it.

Louis always thought of accounting in a dynamic way, changing the stereo type ben counter service to a value adding business. His passion for accounting was the reason for the start of his own accounting practise called Equality Accounting Dynamics in 2006.

Equality Accounting Dynamics has grown with QuickBooks as the base. Equality Accounting Dynamics is in process of expanding from Gauteng to the Free State and Northern Cape. Equality Accounting Dynamics provides services in accounting, financial statements, taxation, VAT and Payroll services. This company is proud to have a variety of brands on its client list, including The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners South African Chapter and Qualicon Construction.

In 2013 Louis discovered a need for additional services in the form of Fraud Investigations as well as other admin services like Company registrations and all other company secretarial services. From here Equality Forensic and Administrative Services wat born.

Louis believes in innovative technology. He believes in: Work smarter, not harder! Technology is the only way to make this believe a reality. According to Louis, ’QuickBooks Online is the future…and the future is now!’. This belief is the power behind Equality Software and Training.

Equality Software and Training was established in 2016 with the focus on QuickBooks Desktop sales, QuickBooks Online Subscriptions and training related to QuickBooks. This company focus on the Gauteng, Free State and Norther Cape regions.

In 2017 Louis expanded the group to add Equality Financial Services, with the assistance of Alida Aucamp as broker. This company is in control of personal financial planning, estate planning and investments.

Louis is an entrepreneur through and through, with additional businesses in cash loans, trackless trains and many more which he partners with his wife Carika Aucamp.

In 2018 Louis received the award for QuickBooks Online partner of the year countrywide from Easybiz Technologies.

Louis experience and business path has created a line of authority in assisting clients through QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online.